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Uniq Code Ltd are experts in tailored and bespoke software for web applications and back-office support systems. Our pragmatic approach to solution architecture minimises development time and cost, by adapting and integrating existing open-source software with custom code to satisfy the unique requirements of your project.

We deal with a wide range of development tasks, from design integration with popular e-commerce software such as OSCommerce and Prestashop, to complete high-availability systems architecture from the ground up.

We have extensive experience of a diverse range of technologies with proven reliability, such as the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP). But we also undertake continuous research into cutting edge technologies and frameworks, and wherever possible use the latest versions of web standards such as HTML and CSS, for optimum future-proofing.

Uniq Code's combination of wide-ranging technical knowledge and long experience means we can work with you to choose the right tools for the job: not only to provide a reliable solution in the short term, but also with consideration for maintenance and adaptability in the long term.


Uniq Code is run by me, Ben Wheeler, from my home in Southampton, Hampshire. I've been working freelance since 2011, but my experience of software development goes back much further. In fact I've been programming computers since 1981 - when I was just six years old.

Since graduating with a B.Eng(Hons) in Software Engineering in 1997, I have amassed over 15 years' experience of developing tailored and bespoke software for web applications and back-office support systems.

Whereas many developers specialise in a single product or language, I prefer to have a broad overview of what is out there, so that I can choose the right tool (or, more likely, tools) for the job. I also have a "full-stack" overview with an understanding of every level of the system, including hardware, operating systems, networking, system software, application software, databases, programming languages, frameworks and web standards.

Technology advances rapidly. Being adept or qualified in one particular web technology is meaningless as it will soon become obsolete. I have always been self-taught and able to acquire new skills and understand new technologies as they emerge.

Modern software is not usually developed from scratch, but involves choosing a set of components from the vast array of pre-written software that is already out there. But such software can vary hugely in quality, reliability and adaptability. It needs an experienced eye and a well-developed "gut feeling" to choose good quality components, and to be able to connect them and adapt them to your precise requirements.


I have direct experience of OSCommerce and Prestashop, but the fact that I have been a developer on hundreds of systems for the best part of two decades means I am not tied to any particular e-commerce software; I am able to take on most development or design integration jobs in many of the popular shopping cart software packages.

It is a common scenario that existing online shops start to accumulate problems that require a small amount of development time to fix in order to get your shop back to looking and functioning at its best. Uniq Code takes on all sorts of these jobs, big and small. Drop me an email and I'll get back to you with a competitive quote.

Past e-commerce clients include:

  • RepRapKit.com - complete setup of new store (Prestashop)
  • Happy Hot Tubs - upgrade of existing store from OSCommerce 2.2 to 2.3, migration to different hosting provider, plus development of new features
  • Stinky Fish Clothing - diagnose and fix errors and security issues with existing OSCommerce shop; layout adjustments

Bespoke Development

When you have unique requirements, you need an experienced and competent developer. I have used many different technologies, systems, and development process over the past 15+ years. This enables me to choose the best tools for your particular needs, designing an approach which is specific to you but draws upon all my prior experience. Depending on the complexity and requirements of the system, sometimes it's best to base it on existing software, and sometimes it's better to develop something from scratch. Whichever approach I recommend to you will be based on my many years of experience in software development and processes.

Past bespoke development clients include:

Sample Work

Much of the work that I have done over the past two years has been "behind the scenes" in one way or another, so simply linking to the site (even if it is publicly accessible) doesn't necessarily give an accurate impression of the work that I have done.

Rather than doing so, therefore, I present here a sample of the kind of thing I can do. This is based on actual work I did for a client in 2012 but which I cannot directly link due to a non-disclosure agreement. It is intended to demonstrate the level of interactivity which it is possible to achieve with modern HTML and frameworks such as jQuery in the hands of a capable and experienced developer such as myself.

In addition, here are a couple of Javascript-driven things I made just for fun.


For further information, please email info@uniqcode.com

For further information, please email info@uniqcode.com
Uniq Code Ltd is registered in the UK, No. 07829769.